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An example of a scenario considered in PRiMMA:

Alice and Bob's son Charles is involved in many after-school activities. Concerned for his safety whilst travelling to and from these activities, Charles' parents buy him a new mobile phone that has a GPS tracking feature together with a Privacy Manager (PM) tool. To prevent Charles from unintentionally disclosing is location to others, Bob configures the PM with a policy that states that only Alice and Bob can read Charles' location information.

One day Charles needs a lift home and uses a taxi firm, `zCar', that allows customers to send SMS requests containing their location (1). However, when Charles tries to send a pick-up request, his PM informs him that this would violate his location privacy policy (2). Charles chooses to override his policy (3) and soon a taxi arrives to take him home (4). The next time Charles needs a lift, he uses another firm offering the same service,`qCab', and is again forced to override his policy (5). Over time, Charles' PM learns this behaviour and suggests a new policy that will disclose his location to taxi firms whenever he requests a pick-up (6).