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Research issues

The research issues and questions related to the objectives of PRiMMA project include:

• Determining how users perceive privacy of information they generate. Who will they share it with? What sort of controls do they want over the information? Do they understand the consequences of sharing a particular piece of information? How does privacy relate to the demographic of the user?

• What is the granularity of context information that users are willing to divulge in the different contexts of work, learning, and play? How do privacy requirements change between individual and group contexts?

• How to design a PRM system that it easy to use by users of devices with a simple interface such as a mobile phone, as well as large screen devices?

• What mechanisms are needed to automate the control of privacy and how should these be distributed between mobile devices and the infrastructure?

• Can we predict the privacy requirements over a range of users from monitored information and how do these change over time?

• Can we detect and resolve inconsistencies in users’ privacy requirements? In the cases where automated resolution of an inconsistency is not possible, how do we present this information to the user in a useful manner?