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The specific objectives of the PRiMMA project are:

• To use requirements elicitation and analysis techniques to determine how potential users perceive privacy of the information they will generate, what they would like to specify about how the information is used, what reassurance the system should offer with respect to privacy, and how they consider the system should manage their privacy.

• To evaluate various techniques such as data encapsulation within PRM code, encapsulating policy statements with data,context anonymisation, and psuedonymity mechanisms to determine their suitability for specific types of applications and data.

• To develop a generic PRM toolkit to allow people to specify and visualize their required privacy related to the information they generate, and to transform this into policies and programs that control the usage of the information.

• To develop tools to monitor how people actually manage privacy in various applications, in order to determine if the privacy settings they use corresponds with stated perceptions about privacy.

• To develop tools and techniques for automatically learning privacy policies based on context information and people’s specified privacy requirements. As part of this effort we will also develop techniques for analysing privacy policies so that people can be made aware of the consequences of, and potential inconsistencies in, their privacy requirements.

• To perform large-scale evaluations across a wide demographic from OU students to validate the usability and performance of
the PRM toolkit