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OU-Open University | Imperial-Imperial College London | Bath-University of Bath

Requirements analysis of User Perceptions of Privacy (OU lead)
- Survey an existing research panel (~ 2000 people) to determine the key privacy requirements for context aware applications.
- Based on requirements elicitation, produce three short (2-3 minute) films illustrating mobile location systems in different contexts.
- Test elicited requirements and proposed solutions.

Privacy Rights Management Framework (OU lead)
Develop context information service and the user interface components and integrate them with the policy learning/analysis and enforcement components of the PRM framework.

Learning and Analysis System for privacy policies (Imperial lead)
Provide the means of deriving the privacy policy specifications and analysing them in terms of consistency and properties that they satisfy.

Privacy enforcement system for ubiquitous computing (Imperial lead)
Integrate the learning and analysis system developed in WP3 with a working privacy enforcement system to realise the PRM framework designed in WP2.

Demonstrator & Evaluation (All)
Develop and deploy a technology demonstor application that will use the PRM framework and privacy management user interfaces developed in WP2. Following the iterative testing of the framework in WP2, a longitudinal study will be conducted.